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Spring Winder from a Film Reel Rewind

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I saw a video of Tedrow winding springs with what I immediately recognized as an old movie industry film reel winder.  I came across this looking for ideas for winders and knew I had one of these in the shop.

 The brand I have is a Craig’s Rewind and I’m going to post my progress making the winder here.


I started by taking the thing apart and cleaning it.  I found it buried in the woods years ago and it was full of dirt.  Next the mandrel will have to be modified or replaced depending on what is under the cap when I turn it off on the lathe.



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Machined the end down and it was hollow to a point so I’m going to drill out the end and add a rod the size of the mandrel I want to use for springs.  If the part it came with doesn’t work I can make an endless number of mandrels as the gear comes off and is a simple D section attachment with a wire ring clamp.




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Send more photos.  I want to see the completion of this and how it works.

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