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What system is this? (Lachenal on ebay)

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Perhaps it is a "Lintophone" as devised by Charles Linton? In his system each column was multiple octaves of the same note, so one finger could smash down a bunch of octaves at once. It is said that no one could match him for volume - imagine the sound of several fingers playing multiple octaves of the same chord at once!



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1 hour ago, SteveS said:

The left hand side has too few buttons for the Linton system, compared to the right - looks to me like the left is bass notes.


??  Where are you seeing the left-hand side?  On the eBay auction page I'm only seeing two photos, and they're both of the right-hand end.


1 hour ago, SteveS said:

My suspicion is that this is a big Anglo.


I suspect otherwise.  I'd guess a custom duet system, though I might change my mind if I could see the left hand.


In the left hand, if the rows are as wide as in the right but fewer rows, I would guess duet.  If five rows but not as wide, I'd lean toward anglo.  And is there a thumb button in the left hand?


If I remember correctly, one of the duet layouts in the later Wheatstone patent was 7 columns wide.  No time to dig out the reference right now.  (Taking a train toward Jämtland tomorrow; need to pack.)


Can somebody query the seller on eBay as to whether it's unisonoric or bisonoric?


Whatever it is, I'm very curious.  8^)


Oh, yeah.  And definitely not Linton, since Linton is consistently six wide in both hands

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10 hours ago, saguaro_squeezer said:

Since I'm a rank novice at Anglos Wolf, would something like this be just more keys then ... as in C/G/D?


Hard to tell - with a button count of 60 there's no precedent I'm aware of - Chris Algar is advertising a 50b Anglo in the keys of C, G and E, whatever the reasons for such a layout might have been back then...


In general, additional buttons would mainly be filling gaps in the diatonic scale (lower end of the LHS), providing octave notes (f-.i. a very high C) and further accidentals, and last but not least lots of reversals, to the best of my (admittedly also limited) knowledge resp. experience.


All the best - ?


P.S.: Maybe I shouldn't have to ask (because you already told us), but is there a forename in order to address you publicly? ?


Edited by Wolf Molkentin
button count adjusted - had overlooked the drone button on the LHS
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I received this from the seller, 


"Just some extra info.
A man who is interested in the concertina has been to see it.
He said it was unusual to have so many keys and it is not the usual format so perhaps it was specially made for someone."


The plot thickens.


Wolf, Rod is my forename ... though I've answered to worse!

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