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For sale: Jeffries 38b C/G anglo

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I have a 38-button C/G Jeffries anglo in excellent condition for sale. I've had it for two years, during which time it's been beautifully restored to top playing condition by Greg Jowaisas:


  • New 7-fold bellows
  • All reeds are Jeffries-made and period-appropriate
  • 1/5 comma meantone tuning
  • Sometime in its past, this concertina has had its ends re-plated and its buttons replaced (see pics). Kimric Smythe has adjusted the buttons so they've got the same height and travel. He notes that the buttons lack bushings. The new owner may wish to correct this; it doesn't bother me.
  • Listing includes the hard case, newly blocked for this instrument.
  • Photos (pics of the internals are from Greg; I haven't opened it up myself):
  • Video


Selling because I use my other concertina more for gigs and, though it's a great box, I never really "bonded" with this instrument -- I think I'm leaning in the direction of eventually getting a mellower instrument like a Bb/F or a G/D.


Asking $7,000 (this is what I paid for it + the cost of restoration).  I'm in the San Francisco area and will happily ship wherever, though I encourage local pickup if you're near me or in the Seattle area, where I frequently travel.

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