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looking for a duet concertina


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hello everyone I'm currently looking for a duet concertina to play polkas eg. Wallace and grommit etc. on. im currently looking for a 50 button maccann or something with a similar range in that both hands have enough buttons for 1 playing the melody and 2 playing the chords on the left hand as I had a look at a 46 button and that's just over 1 octave for the first hand and so there will be notes missing for the chords on the left hand. 


although im looking for a maccann, im not too picky in terms of whether its a McCann, a hayden , a crane etc. and I'm hoping not to have to spend thousands and thousands. its gotten to the point where I trying to think of how I would go about making one and I just cannot figure out how to make certain parts such as reeds.


my first idea was to use standard accordion reeds and hold them in place with screws at either end however that would take up a lot of space for the amount of buttons i'm looking for and then I'd have to make bellows which I have no idea how to.


so yeah if you got any others which wont cost an arm and leg give a shout :) thanks guys

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My wife has a Lachenal Triumph Crane duet for sale. It's in excellent condition, and a high quality instrument. It has been valued at £2,250.  Location : Devon, UK Let me know if interested - but as I may be without internet access over the weekend I may not respond until Monday.


Crane concertina pic.jpeg

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