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One for Gary Coover

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A year or so ago I decided to find out what all the fuss was about and acquired an anglo concertina, a lovely bright Kensington.  I haven't had the time or sometimes the energy to devote to learning but early on I was fortunate to be given a couple of Gary Coover's books and they have been a great help and inspiration.  You provide a wonderful resource with all your books Gary, well done.  I'm still learning of course, make lots of mistakes, don't go beyond C & G except for a little bit in D but I do enjoy playing Kenny.  So here's a little song for you Gary and All, to wave the flag a bit for the anglo.



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Hey Steve, just now saw this - well played indeed!


Perfect accompaniment for this song, and the "boat whistle" at the end is a really nice touch. 


Thanks for your kind words, glad the books have helped. This song should have been in the Sailor Songs book!




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