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Typical Dimensions of Lachenal treble Edeophone

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Hi RJ,


I also have a 56 key Edeophone extended treble and it is 6.5 ins across the flats. I expect that this will be the standard size. How are you getting on with yours? Mine is about the best concertina I have owned and very versatile; soft enough to sing with but with plenty of punch for a session. My aim now is to find a tenor treble Edeophone. I saw one in Cornwall recently and it was a beauty. Unfortunately the owner would not part with it.



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My Edeophone 56 key extended treble has raised ebony ends, and was made in the early 1900s. That seems to be a good period...my instrument has a sweet sound, but will also drive the notes out if played harder. The only problem, which is well known for Lachenal instruments, is that the Lachenal action (hook and lever) can be noisy, so it is difficult for recording. A few years ago I had a Lachenal metal ended TT that had the action replaced with a riveted action  (much quieter) by Concertina Connection...it was superb...however my family deemed it TOO LOUD, so against my own advice I sold it. RJ

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15 minutes ago, robert stewart said:

metal ended TT that was superb...however my family deemed it TOO LOUD


my ME TT Æola as well as my (ME) model 24 (both Wheatstones) are deemed TOO LOUD (resp. harsh) not so much by my family, but by each and every fellow concertinist, but I could find a (wooden ended) „model 6“ which has brass reeds and a very sweet sound, and luckily I was able to keep the „loud“ model 24 as well, the equivalent of a Jeffries as an EC...


truth is, for the player there’s hardly a concertina too loud, but this may be quite different for listeners


(I apologise for going OT)

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This reminds of the (true) story of an orchestral conductor (somebody famous whose name I have forgotten); when the orchestra arrived for rehearsals, the brass section began opening their cases to bring out their instruments. The conductor rapped his baton on the rostrum and shouted "Brass Section! Already too loud!".  RJS

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