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My friend Bob Beimers emailed me the other day and included this clever ASCHII image of an English concertina...




I thought to convert it to an Anglo and came up with this...



Edited by Jody Kruskal
Oops, missing some features
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For years I used this as my internet sig, until monospace fonts went out of style.


    ______      /\/\/\/\
   <______>     | | | | |  David Barnert
   <______>     | | | | |  <davbarnert@aol.com>
   <______>     | | | | |  Albany, NY
   <______>     \/\/\/\/

  Ventilator   Concertina
    Bellows      Bellows
  (Vocation)   (Avocation)


(I’m an anesthesiologist)

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