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Stabilizing Cracks in Wood ends

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I have a wooden ended Lachenal which has some small cracks that go all the way through from the front to the back. They are stable and seem pretty solid and not too fragile. What are some (easy) ways to stabilize the small cracks?


Would a drop of crazy glue for example penetrate and function as a strengthener for this type of crack? Or...what else. 


It is on a part of the end that might receive a finger tap sometimes.







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I have found that glue alone does not adequately fill these kinds of cracks.

In the past I've used thin slivers of veneer to fill the gaps - glued into place using hide glue.

For rosewood I've used rosewood veneer, and for ebonised ends I've used pear veneer which I've then stained black.

I also consider refinishing the ends to make the repair nice and neat.

Sometimes, depending on the width of the crack, I've used a scalpel to open up the gaps so as to clean them and to make wide enough (approx. 0.6mm for modern veneers) for the sliver of veneer to fit in the gap.

Sometimes it's necessary to support the back of the repair with veneer, with the grain running at right angles to the grain of the end.

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