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Information about my first concertina

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I just got a whim to learn concertina about a week ago. I hopped on eBay and ordered this little guy. I was wondering if anyone can give me a little history on it. One of the bellow screens has a tiny hole. Other than that, it’s in immaculate shape. Anytime I invest in a new hobby, I like to know as much history about it as I can. Can anyone give me more information or a website with information on this particular concertina?




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Bastari is a well-known brand for low-cost Italian concertinas. Many beginners have been happy to start off with them. Internally, they are not like the 'classic' antique concertinas such as Lachenal and Wheatstone. The insides are made in a completely different way. They are made with accordion parts, and without a separate chamber for each reed, they sound very different from the 'classic' concertinas. 


Enjoy  learning with this concertina, then upgrade to  a 30-button 'classic'!



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Bastari is today Brünner in Italy. They sell mostly under the brand name 'Stagi'. You can look at their actual range of concertinas here.


Your model is a classical 20 button 'german' concertina, much like they are produced since the 1840's. I play a 20 button 'german' concertina too, and here is one example of what you can do with it:



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