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Lachenal replacement plates

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Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum, and there is still so much to learn.  I have read through as much as I can find on the topic before asking, and I have reached out to some local professionals, as well.  I have a Lachenal 30 key that is in excellent shape except it appears to have been dropped as both end plates are cracked.  The cracks are not structural problems at the moment, but they will be with regular play pretty quickly.  The instrument isn't worth a whole lot, though I'm thrilled to have it.  I guess I'm asking for some advice on whether or not it would be worthwhile to look for replacements or whether or not I should make the trip to have them repaired.  It seems that replacement would be ideal, but … parts availability … and/or excessive cost in the event that they could be reproduced.  Is there any likelihood that I could find plates out there, or should I jump on the repair offer straightaway?  My teacher is correct that I will likely buy something more expensive before too long, but I do want to pass on the best possible instrument I can when I sell it.  Amy

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Hi Ami,


the usual piece of advice would be to get a copy of "the book," which is David Elliott's "The Concertina Maintenance Manual," if you haven't already done so. It covers (among many other things) the issue of repairing cracks, so depending on your own craftsperson skills, you'll be either able to do it yourself or at the very least estimate how much of a job it is. Of course, as Chris pointed out, the exact amount of work and skill required depends on the nature and size of the cracks.


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