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Old Grey Paolo Soprani C#/D Accordion

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Again not quite a concertina, but probably interesting for some: I’m finally considering to part with my Holy Grey ( Paolo Soprani, three voice, C#/D ). It comes with a fine story: 1985, while I was living on a farm in Carlow-town, Steve Chambers came to stay with me for a couple of months ( before he opened his shop in Dublin ). One day we drove up to Antrim to visit a friend – who finally agreed to sell me the grey. Steve took it back to England and had it tuned by the legendary Niels Nielson. Unfortunately, I never got around to using it, as I play English concertina. So it has been sitting in its leather-case for all that time. It is in great playing order and a pleasure to play! I’m buying a house – so I’m inviting offers ( preferably 5 digits !? ). Questions? I could do a youtube, if requested!? I'm based in Germany...



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Interesting box, it being C#/D and all that - but unfortunately way out of my league...


2 remarks though:

1) posting this in the Buy & Sell section of melodeon.net might get you more responses than you got here.

2) I hope you are aware that sitting in a case, unplayed, for all these years doesn't necessary mean it's "still" in great shape. Wax ages and gets brittle with time, and depending on the position in which it was stored (standing on it's "feet"?) some of the valves might have curled, especially on the bass reed blocks. So it will still need to be checked by a knowledgeable person to properly assess its condition.


BTW is that wear on the celluloid that I see between the middle 4 bass buttons, or just dirt?


Kind regards,


Han (in the Netherlands, but close to Germany).

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