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Kusserow and ELA Bandoneons for sale

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Even though Bandoneons are part of the big Konzertina-family, they do not really belong here. Anyway:

A friend asked me to sell two bandoneons for him, which he acquired many years ago from a museum.

One is a rare chromatic Kusserow instrument ( same note push and pull ), which has an interesting layout - different on both sides ( google Kusserow ! ).

The maker-label is missing, but it should have been made in East-Germany. Bellows and case are in good condition, for serious playing it would however need tuning and probably new valves. No box. I'm asking 600€. 




The other one is a fine ELA ( Ernst Ludwig Arnold ) instrument with an older layout ( check the picture! ) in very good overall condition and playing well - but still in old German pitch ( A-435 ). No box. I would like to get 450 € for it.




More pics her:







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Posted (edited)

Conzertino, it's a shame that you didn't catch me a couple of months ago.  I did find a nice ELA Kusserow on the same German eBay site that you're using but it was a bit more costly.  Still, it's an interesting fingering pattern, especially in the right hand.


For those that are interested, here is a video description ... in German, but you can get the idea ... 


also, a fingering chart ... scannen0011.bmp

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