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New Book - Sailor Songs for Concertina


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Another new book of nautical songs! A follow-up to Pirate Songs for Concertina called Sailor Songs for Concertina, available as of today through Amazon in paperback and Kindle. And very likely through the Button Box and Red Cow Music in the very near future.


88 more sea songs arranged for Anglo concertina, with complete lyrics, and melody lines in standard musical notation, 175 pages. I made special sure this time for music and all lyrics to be on facing pages, and also included slightly more difficult tunes and more harmonic accompaniments.


Attached is the Table of Contents and these two samples:


§     “Whaleman’s Lament” from A.L. Lloyd’s singing (and Alf Edwards’ concertina playing) on Leviathan.


§ “The Lady Leroy” learned from the singing of Pat Kilbride when he was briefly with the Battlefield Band.


So here’s a special deal for CNET members only – if you already have 5 or more of my other books, just send a photo as proof to info@rollstonpress.com along with your mailing address and I’ll gladly send you a free copy of Sailor Songs! It’s the least I can do to say thanks to the great folks on this forum for all your great playing, informative insights and entertaining opinions.











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Hi tealeaf, thanks for asking! Late yesterday I added over 50 videos for "Pirate Songs for Concertina" and the new "Sailor Songs for Concertina" - whew! More later...


I've also created playlists for both books.


Here are the videos that match the three pdfs recently posted here on CNET:


The Whaleman's Lament:

(With a few adjustments here and there this can be played on a 20-button C/G) - what a beautiful tune!


The Lady Leroy:




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Just listening through these earlier today, I noticed that the audio in the video for 'Hi Ho Come Roll Me Over' seems to have been corrupted somehow:



I don't know if it's happened in the upload to YouTube, or during recording, but I thought I'd let you know in any case!


Thanks again for this amazing resource!

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Gary, just wanted to say that I picked up the book and am greatly enjoying it. It feels like a worthwhile difficulty step up from Easy Anglo, and the first half of Anglo in the Harmonic Style. And as a sailboat liveaboard, what could be better?

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