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Good Reeds/bad Reeds

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During the rebuilding of a 26 button brass reeded Lachenal I have come across a problem with getting a reed to start.


Although three "G" reeds on the right hand side are tuned very close to each other, none of the three will start in the G row index finger slot. All three sound passable in the "C Row Ring Finger" or "Accidental Row Middle Finger" position, but in the all important first slot each one barely eeks out a high harmonic. The "F#" in the same chamber is passably in tune, for now, and speeks when spoken to.


I have already re-packed the top of the chamber, and the adjacent ones, to keep the air pressure up; re-padded the whole side; and re-valved both the "G" and "F#". The dovetail slots do not seem to be over or under-sized. Apart from the pin restricting the upper travel of the valve flap, I'm at a loss. Other technical suggestions?

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