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I am starting this page for Duet players to submit their recordings, It is intended to finish up with a total page (s) of recordings only that you can listen to, or download free. No players are

These are tunes I recorded in 2009 and 2010, when I was playing a lot of solo duet concertina. My instrument is a Wakker 46-key Hayden duet made with padauk wood and concertina reeds. You can see a ph

Alan asked me to post on this thread a recording that I made long ago for Duet International.  He writes: "I would be very grateful if you would post the recordings you sent on my personal mail to tha

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I can announce that with the help of Wes Williams and Daniel Hersh a number of new artists and additional recordings have been posted they include

Ralphie Jordan, Reuben Shaw, The Derwent Trio, Michael Hebbert, Paul McCann

and another three recordings from Leslie Heneker which includes her playing The Teddy Bears Picnic. This is for those of you who are daily walking in the countryside.

Your comments are most welcome 

There are more recordings in the pipe line to follow.

Thank you for your continuing support

Al        (The link is on my last posting )

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