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Learning the Anglo in Ohio

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Greetings and blessings, concertina players! I am a young musician in the Ohio/Kentucky area of the US, just beginning to learn the Anglo with a nice 30-button Jones that I have bought recently. I don't know any other players - I was inspired to learn the instrument for several years due to encountering it in festivals and Irish dance music here - but I have a knack for learning new instruments and playing by ear, so I thought I'd give it a shot. And to avoid the wasteful situation of buying the instrument, playing with it for a week or two, and then forgetting it in the closet, which has happened to me with other instruments, I have committed to learning a new song and sharing it on Youtube, each week until St. Patrick's day next year, by which time I hope to be decently proficient.


I'm playing a lot by ear, but also using Gary Coomer's books very heavily to learn fingerings and chords. My repertoire-building interest mainly consists of traditional Irish music, American folk music, and hymns, although I will try other genres here and there. I hope to accompany singing as well as playing solos before long.


I wanted to request that any of you seasoned players who have time come check on my channel once in a while and give me tips in the comments. I would very much appreciate any advice on technique, repertoire, style, etc. and any criticisms of my playing, since I don't have a teacher or mentor to go to in person. Here is a link to my most recent video - they are all named similarly.





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Hi, David! I don't have much advice to offer (not being much of an Irish style player), but this forum is quite a nice little place, and the Anglo is a pleasantly ridiculous instrument. Gary Coover's books have been good to me, as well. Have fun, and I'm sure more seasoned players will be able to help you out soon.



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