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Jig for Bellows Repair?

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Oops, sorry, you say for internal repair? Make two U shaped bits of timber that will slide into the valley of the two outer folds next to the bellows frames. Cut two bits of timber to wedge between the frames you have fitted, long enough to hold the bellows at full stretch without undue stress.

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I used a wooden plank, covered with a soft cloth to protect leather surface from rubbing the wood. The plank was as long as fully stretched bellows. Then I took four small C-clamps and clamped bellows to plank's ends,  two clamps per side (I put other wrapped piece of wood between clamps and internal side of the ends, naturally). I put the clamps with the screws directed outside, in order to have maximum room to work in.
Or better, some spring clamps could be more practical, you can quickly detach them instead of unscrewing C-clamps.


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