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Jeffries Anglo Repair on BBC iplayer

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'The Repair Shop' programme on the Beeb recently featured the restoration of a c.1890s Jeffries 38 key anglo by Roger Thomas, with the case restoration by Suzie Fletcher. You've got just under two weeks to watch it on iplayer here.

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The reason you can't watch the program in a geographic location outside of the UK is that the iPlayer recognises your IP as not being assigned to the UK.

Here's the way round this issue:


- install a VPN to your computer (I use NordVPN)

- once installed, start the VPN client and select a VPN server in UK (this will cause your IP to look like it's in UK)

- start the iPlayer and watch the program


However, the BBC may request that you confirm you have a TV license.


Hope this works.

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On 1/21/2022 at 3:13 PM, wes williams said:

They have just re-broadcast a shortened 30 minute version of the programme here which appears to be available for about 3 weeks.

If I remember correctly, the 'standard' time for non-permanent BBC audio and film output is three weeks.

6 hours ago, David Barnert said:

You did nothing wrong. BBC content isn’t generally playable outside the UK (but you can fool it if you have a VPN).

If I remember correctly, the way it works is; if the service you are using is hosted on a U.K. machine, it

all works fine. If your service is hosted on a server outside the U.K, you are stuffed. This is cool if I am

at home, but it used to be the case that if I was in the local library, I was unable to look at/listen to 

stuff because the library internet service was hosted on a machine in the Republic of Ireland...

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