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lachenal buttons and pads

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Hello everyone.


Im looking for some insight here i have a Lachenal anglo where the bass buttons do not stay in the holes on the sound board and consequently do not always depress. The holes are twice as large as the pins on the buttons and the pads are v. Old. So i have a couple of questions -1 Would new pads and bushings sort this issue out. If so how thick should they be? -2 should the holes match the buttons. 


Many thanks in advance

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The cause of this problem is usually that the saddles that secure the levers have risen away from the wooden base. they need to be helped back down, and may need to be secured with glue. Be careful about pushing the saddles down to the max, because that may leave the button too low when the side is re-assembled. The holes are usually larger than the pins on the buttons.

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Something also to check: are the buttons all more or less the same height, with perhaps too much travel? If so, then most likely someone set them there--it's probably not loose saddles. I recently bought an EC where the person who had last worked on it set all the buttons to max height, then as the new pads settled in, certain buttons began to rise out of their holes as yours do. I reset all of the buttons to a more standard height. In my case the new EC was a spare for work, so I matched what I'm used to on my prime EC and everything is fine.

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