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After 18 months of playing I have finally come to the inevitable conclusion that I am not going to get any better or ever learn decent ornamentation if I don't start learning cross-row fingering.


Of course, after 18 months of playing ITM on the G row, this is not easy. In fact, what I really think about switching I probably shouldn't say on a public forum...


I need sympathy :( and encouragement that yes, this is the next natural step to take.


Fortunately, I am spending an extraordinary amount of time with my 2-month-old because her dad is out of town on a conference. I have lots of time to practice (it amuses her and quiets her fussing), and she is amazingly non-critical of my stumbling over tunes I already know.


To all brand-new players: start cross-row fingering NOW!



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I finger cross row all the time now, and I learned it by doing scales across the rows. Scales have been the key for each of the instruments I can actually play (not true for everyone here, I know). I guess I'm in the Pablo Casals camp (did his scales every day).

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There, there, it will be all right.


Will that do for sympathy, Rhomylly?


Guess I'll have to start doing the cross row thingie in real sympathy with you.


Oh my mentor, don't do anythng else hard for a while.


Helen :)

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Rhomylly, you have my sympathy and understanding. I kept to the ways of the diatonic Jedi from age 10 to 24 when the dark side seduced me. I hear it beckoning unto you:


"No worries, no pain, no cross row finering, no bellows direction change, only contentment in the valley of love and delight". :ph34r:


Give in. You know it makes sense. Take the soma of the English and hurt no more. :blink:

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