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Hammy Flute exchange for a concertina

jim troy

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You have a Concertina, which is surplus to your needs, nobody plays, needs a new home ?

I have a Hammy Hamilton 8 keyed blackwood flute, about 10 years old, which I'd like to exchange for a concertina.

This particular flute is often referred to as a "stonker",  with a strident, hard bottom D. 

Hammy is, I believe, retiring from flute making, so here you have an immediate access, no waiting for months.

Please check out Hammy's prices before you make an offer.

Also be aware that Hammy's flutes are not for faint hearted.

I could sell if you want, but I'd as soon exchange for a concertina, of similar value, with hagglng involved.

Haggling will be entertained, in fact.


Jim Troy


( It is an Anglo Concertina I'm looking for)

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Type of concertina not specified
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