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Jody Kruskal

What is folk music today? UK and USA

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On 4/28/2019 at 7:55 AM, Mikefule said:

  We have laws requiring venues to be licensed for the performance of music,


The laws have actually loosened considerably in the UK (since 2012 I think), at least in alcohol licenced venues. Essentially no entertainment licence is required for live unamplified music between 8am-11pm, as long as the audience is smaller than 500. Thus I think the "Morris exception", that I think was part of the last set of regulations made under Labour (the discussion around which incidentally led to a Labour MP describing being in a pub with folk singers as "my idea of hell" and inspiring a song by Show of Hands)  has been superseded. Of course you would still need a licence to cover copyright licencing if you were for example covering contemporary music, but for folk/trad that shouldn't be an issue.


Unfortunately many publicans don't seem aware of this, (or are reluctant to believe it) despite the fact it can be seen on the UK government website. I have even had people talk to me about the "three in a bar" rule, which hasn't been the law for nearly 20 years!




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2 hours ago, Devils' Dream said:

what exactly is "roots music"?

Perhaps songs like "The Garden where the Praties Grow"?


Oh, no, sorry! Potatoes aren't roots, they're tubers.




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