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Jake Middleton-Metcalfe

Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne recordings at Wolverton concertinas

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Hello concertina players


Recently I wanted to make some recordings to demonstrate my new concertina designs being played and thought it would be nice to record Cohen playing as he is a musician who I admire. Kindly he offered to help. We made two recordings, the two concertinas played are a C/G Anglo and a G/D Anglo, both made with concertina reeds.


Look here to learn more about these instruments: 


look here to learn more about cohen and his music: 



Have a pleasant April

Jake Middleton-Metcalfe

Wolverton Concertinas





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Stunning stuff Jake and I can see why you admire Cohen, what a fabulously talented musician.


The Concertinas don't sound half bad either !!!  No small achievement, well done.


Best Wishes



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