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I just got home from NEFFA 2019 in Mansfield MA, USA. What a full weekend! Lots of concertinas in abundance where ever you looked.


My all-systems workshop with over a dozen squeezers was a success as was my concert of concertina chorus songs. Such fun!


I like this festival because it mixes all the performance elements I love, singing, instrumental playing and dancing in a variety of formats and styles from the formal concert, called dance or workshop settings to the informal meetings of old friends or strangers for impromptu sessions both inside and outdoors on the grounds. Really, there is something for everyone at NEFFA. It's a mammoth gathering of International traditional dance and musical arts.


This years highlights for me:


I played Fieldtown Valentine in a concertina trio for Morris dancing with my brother Tom Kruskal  and Jan Elliot. I heard the best Mariachi band I've ever encountered. Fine potato pancakes with apple sauce and sour cream. The Romanian's were exceptional. I danced contras and English country. I had some exceptional old-time and scandi jams and some delicious song sessions with singers including a grand West Gallery session for 75 folks and an intimate group of five singers trading songs al-fresco as the late Sunday afternoon winded down.


Now that NEFFA has ended, I'm in shock. Back to real life. What a great time! What a shame I can't do this year 'round all the time.

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We used to enjoy NEFFA years ago and played a bit for the contra dancing.  Don't travel much musically of late but I'm glad to hear it's still roaring along!  A delightful participatory event....😊

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Haven't been to a NEFFA in at least 8 years - sadly, because it's the best.


Here's a video that includes a little concertina.net meetup we did a long time ago.  Concertinas at about 4.30.  I'd recognize the sound of David's Hayden anywhere!


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