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Aldon Sanders

Concertina Connection Busker players

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I'm seriously considering buying a Busker to be my travel/take anywhere instrument because my 64 button Wheatstone TT (with amboyna ends!) is so dear to me and also irreplaceable. It is only played at home & church.


I've found I actually like the sound of CC's hybrid instruments. I've  played (and have) the 30 button EC and an Elise.


I guess I just need some positive re-enforcement to take the final plunge!


I'd like to hear from anyone who's played or owns the Busker model EC from Concertina Connection.


Please tell me what you like or don't like about the Busker and if you think it's durable enough to be a go-anywhere instrument.


Thank you!




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I got a Busker last year and have been loving it. This the only EC I have played, so I can't make any comparisons. I got it with the Wakker bellows and metal buttons. It may be a different animal than the stock model. As for being durable,  I don't know.  I take good care of it and have not had any problems so far. I enjoy playing my Busker and am glad I got it.


Best wishes, 


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Thank you David. I used the thank you button on your reply but wanted to say it with words here.


I went ahead and put in an order and a $200 downpayment with Concertina Connection for the Busker.  They put me on the list. The lead time is six weeks so I should have it by my birthday in June!


I'll post my thoughts on it after I've had some time playing it.

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