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Midlands Concertina Group, report

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Today was the 6 monthly meeting of Midlands Concertina Group, in a church hall in Wollaton, Nottingham.


I counted 18 people present, 13 male, 5 female.  10 played Anglo, 4 played English, 1 played Hayden duet, and 3 were there to listen.


I roughly counted 28 instruments, with some people bringing 3 or 4.   There were at least 4 baritone Anglos, 1 baritone English, and 1 piccolo Anglo.  (I played a couple fo tunes on this, which is quite a shrill instrument, and someone commented, "That sounded good — and if you don't believe me, ask any of the dogs in Wollaton."


The standard of playing ranged from nervous beginner through to good enough to be professional, and everyone was equally welcome to play.


The music included:

  • English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh traditional dance tunes.
  • At least one own composition, in a folky style.
  • Some Romanian dance tunes.
  • A Swedish waltz.
  • American tunes.
  • Some Mozart.
  • A song, self accompanied on Anglo.  The song was about Captain Webb swimming along a canal.
  • Scarborough Fair played as a 4 part arrangement, followed by some o'Carolan played as a 4 part arrangement.
  • One regular duo and some impromptu duos.
  • Our resident 3 piece band (2 Anglos, 1 English) who are called Behind the Times and not Out of Time.😀
  • A medley of simple tunes (Donkey Riding, Clementine, Oh Susannah etc.) for everyone to join in.
  • Finishing with John Tallis' canon for as many as wanted to play.


A great afternoon, with 4 hours of concertina music and chat.


Theres no charge, although donations to cover the cost of the hall and the newsletter are welcome.  Next meeting:


Saturday 2nd November 2019

13:00 to 17:00


Arnold United Reformed Church Hall

37 Calverton Rd




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