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Shipping from Germany to US.

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This may be for Wolf or Comzertino  but who is the best carrier to use when shipping from Germany to US?  FedEx and UPS are just too expensive and the EU doesn’t seem to have the same type of courier service as the UK.


I’d appreciate any advice!


kind regards,


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Hi Rod, as I've been mainly on the recieving end of shipping between UK resp. US and Germany I can only provide general advice. For intra-Germany shipping DHL is by far the most reliable carrier. You might thus start with examining their charges for oversea shipping and spotting their cooperation partners in the US, with which you will be familiar anyway.


I'm sure @conzertino will know more...


Best wishes - 🐺 

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The problem w/ DHL is that their rates raise exponentially with shipment insurance coverage.


If I remember correctly, I chose UPS to send my Concertina for maintenance to Norwich a few years ago, they were by far the least expensive.


@Rod:  The individual who will send your concertina to you may want to inquire w/ Mailboxes etc. They have quite a number of branches in Germany and will probably be familiar with Cross Atlantic shipping options and may even handle the shipment in total with the sender.

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