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forScore question

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Since we're discussing forScore....I've used it for years, but never bothered reading the documentation (big surprise).


My question: I organize files by the different bands I'm in, different categories of tunes (current projects, things for later, etc.)


I have used the 'tags' function to do this, and it works, but I'm wondering: what's the difference between 'tags' and 'labels?'  For filtering, is one preferable over the other?  The forScore support page doesn't really address this.


Is there any way to do batch edits for tags/labels?  I have 300 or 400 PDFs, and it's a chore to change metadata on groups of files. 


I'm getting ready to migrate to a new (and bigger) iPad, so this would be a fine time to actually figure out how things work!

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You can do some level of batch editing tags ( never used labels ).


From eg the “All scores” list ... do “edit” top right and select multiple files.


Then “edit” on the row of options across the top of the list


Which takes you to a “batch edit” dialogue where you can assign a tag to all files selected.


Hopefully this makes sense,  if it doesn’t, the let me know and I’ll have another go.

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