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Introducing... myself

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Hello everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Gregory. I'm from north east Pennsylvania, USA

I bought a Stagi W-15-MS about two months ago and have been teaching myself to play.

I was lurking here a bit before that.



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Welcome Gregory! 


Of course you already know that this site is populated by beginners, amateurs and pros, and is a fountain of knowledge!


I played a Stagi English concertina for qute a few years before I came across my 64 button Wheatstone and never looked back. The Stagi served me well!


Once you can play music on a Stagi, any of the finer instruments you play will be an absolute breeze!


My advice to my students (guitar, ukulele & flute - not concertina, though it applies) was that you never get better by not playing. Seems like you're already on the right path.


Looking forward to your future threads!



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