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Lachenal Duet - 39 keys

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OK Folks - is there any real use for a 39 key Lachenal McCann Duet?  I've just been "Gifted" a metal ended one and it's in pretty bad shape.  Most of the buttons are there but there's mould everywhere, the wood is falling apart, a lot of the reeds are rusty and I seriously question whether it's worth the effort of trying to put it back together.


Normally, I'd bend over backwards to get it playable again but even if I cost my time at nothing, I wonder if it's any practical use?  Is a 39 key Lachenal a good starter duet? It's just possible that I could turn it into a decent anglo but even that would mean making new ends, new bellows, some new reeds and levers.


Any thoughts before I stoke the fire up and use the reeds as spares?


By the way, it's number 1147 - 1900 or so?


Alex West

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If I had such a concertina, I would consider to put a lamp between the two ends, illuminating the bellows from within.

I'ld use the reeds for repairing a 46 button MacCann that could use a couple of replacement reeds… 


My advice for learning to play a MacCann Duet would always be to take an instrument with 46+ buttons...

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