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Coilsfield House Air

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I've recently made a few vlogs and recordings featuring the beautiful Scottish air Coilsfield House by Nathaniel Gow. Below is two recordings I made with David McGuinness - take one and take two! I've also included a video I made about the history of Coilsfield House and it's own Sir Hugh Montgomerie. Thanks for watching / listening! Oh yeah you can download the original 1809 version of tune here.



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Thank you, Simon. I have loved this tune for decades, and for the longest time didn’t know what it was called, where it came from, or where I first heard it (the latter still escapes me). I really enjoyed the history video, particularly the “Old King Cole” tie-in.


“Coilsfield House”  was the Concertina.net “Tune of the Month” in November, 2015. This was the rendition I submitted then.



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That lovely David! Great harmonies!


King Coil's Grave is really interesting. Like most things there is nothing left of it and you wouldn't notice it if it wasn't featured on the map. Bones were found there in the early nineteenth century and a really interesting carved stone. There are pictures of it on the net but I don't know if anyone knows where it was. 



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