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Any survivors of Carpel Tunnel issues want to share stories?

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I am curious if there any concertina players here who have had to deal with Carpel Tunnel syndrome. I seem to have been diagonosed with it as I successfully recover from a repaired index finger extensor tendon repair. 

My symptoms are a numbness/pain on my left hand.


I am now considering the Carpel Tunnel release surgical procedure which seems to be very successful usually.


Any other  personal stories?





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I have a similar condition at the base of my left thumb.  It doesn't affect my playing greatly but I've re-positioned the strap to pass over my wrist with my thumb under and it's much more comfortable.  I've also started eating a can of sardines two or three times a week at Little John's suggestion in a similar recent thread.  I can report a great improvement in my wrist and all other aches and pains.  Thanks L.J..

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    Sorry to read of your hand troubles.  About 20 years ago I had extensor tendon repair on my middle finger.  After the pin was removed, I wanted to quickly recover.  So I really worked hard and LOTS on the physical therapy!    In fact I OVER DID it and started to develop carpal tunnel syndrome in that hand.   The whole hand would go numb.   Once I realized what was going on, I backed off on the PT exercises.  I rested the hand for it to recover, then only gently did the PT once in the morning and again day night......    The hand doesn’t bother me now with playing.  But if I over use it,  like gripping a stir stick for mixing many batches of epoxy or paint, the numbness begins to return.

     This was before I took up the concertina though.    So resting the hand now would be very difficult....   How did you manage the concertina while the tendon healed?

     I would only have the Carpel Tunnel release surgery as a last resort.  Although the folks I know who have had it were glad,  those tendons in the wrist which they cut, have to be there for a purpose.   I remember my hand surgeon who reattached my finger tendon said,  “everything in the hand is tied together, and affects the whole hand.”

    Good luck.


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I had both carpal tunnels released in the mid '80s and couldn't be happier with the results. 


Of course, rest (including rest enforced by a splint), ice and NSAIDs came first.  My neurologist told me the weight loss can eliminate CTS in larger folks - he himself controlled his CTS that way. 

My surgeon used intervenous regional anesthesia which allowed me to watch the procedure! 



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I put off the surgery for several years despite hands going numb when playing -- especially not resting instrument on my knee. Also happened when bicycle riding, driving a car, etc. Bu by the time that I was really losing feeling permanently in my thumb and  first two fingers, I bit the bullet. But a neurological test was very pessimistic and indicated I had total nerve damage in one hand and about half in the other. But after having the release surgery, virtually full feeling returned in a little more than a year. The immediate problems after the surgery were minimal -- about a week per hand. 

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I would add; if you decide to go down the surgery route, do your research and go to the team that are most recommend in your area.

im sure it’s a different deal but thought I would share:

I am currently engaged in treatment for Dupuytren’s contraction on my left hand , which has pulled my pinky and ring finger in by around 30 degrees it has slowed me down, but on the plus side it’s given me a good excuse to work out tunes on the right !

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