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david robertson

30-button rosewood Lachenal Anglo

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I'm selling this one on behalf of a regular customer who is thinning the herd a little. It has been through my usual restoration process - new pads, valves, dampers, bushes and straps, plus tuning to modern concert pitch. I have not, however, refinished the woodwork. There are no cracks or breaks in the fretwork, but what you get is the patina that arises from a century of music-making. I have re-bound the bellows, treated them to a new set of green and gold papers, and shimmed the end seals to keep the instrument beautifully airtight. The result is a lovely player, and very good value at £1700.

As always, you're welcome to come and try it if you're within striking distance of Norwich, or call me with any questions on 01603 702644.




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The serial number would be much appreciated. You know that I like to estimate the year of manufacture.

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The serial number is 125981. And by the way, I forgot to mention that it's in C/G.

On the subject of dating, I'm not sure whether your database covers only Lachenal Anglo's, but in case it also includes English models, I sent you a PM last October, which you may not have spotted, so here's the gist of it again:

"I just spotted a Lachenal treble in an auction in Felixstowe which I hope will make a small contribution to your dating database. It comes with its original receipt, dated 11th March 1919, and the serial number is 57772."

All the best,


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