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Thermal Protection

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I play flute and concertina and whistle and usually put all three in a bag when I go to a session.  And this year I found the perfect bag.  It is a Polar Cooler bag.  In my case it fits the pelican type case my Dipper came in, the slim Northwind Case (a hard case) I have my flute in, and a pvc pipe sleeve I've made for my whistle.  The PVC whistle sleeve is basically to protect it from the pelican case and the wooden flute case.  I realized I was putting my soft cased whistle in a bag with the equivalent of a cinder box and a brick... But I digress.


I live in the Midwest USA where temperatures range from barbaric cold to semi tropical.  With the flute, if It gets too cold it won't play in tune until it warms up, and the concertina with all its wooden bits and valuable moving parts I thought thermal protection would be good, especially in the summer.    I believe I hit a home run with this one.


These bags have superior thermal protection to anything else I have seen besides the Yeti, and have a great wide opening with a smooth operating zipper, as well as clips on the side that make the bag into a manageable rectangle after you zip it closed.  Mine is a relatively big one, one they sell for 24 cans of soda or beer.  If you were just carrying a concertina they have a smaller size that might work well depending on the size of your instrument and your case.  And they are rigid enough you could use it as a semi hard case on its own if you slipped your concertina in one of those Hohner soft bags.  I would think they would be useful for summer trips as well when we are afraid to leave our instruments in the car for even a minute. 


I found mine on Amazon, but you might be able to find one at a brick and mortar store near you as well.

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On 2/26/2019 at 12:11 AM, LateToTheGame said:

the pelican type case my Dipper came in...


Forgive me for taking your topic sideways a little. I just posted this in another thread and I can’t help wondering: does Colin Dipper sell his instruments in Pelican cases or did you buy them both from a 3rd party who matched one with the other?

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Collin Dipper supplied the concertina in a pelican type case. I do not know if it is a name brand pelican or a pelican like case since it doesn't have a label, but it is just as sturdy and just as waterproof with great latches and a good seal.  (Though I have yet to toss it in a full bathtub to try it  ;)  ) He lines it to fit the concertina precisely.   My concertina was made in 2017.  I am not sure when he started this.  I am so glad I have it. 


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