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Jody Kruskal's May 2019 UK Tour

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Hi folks,


My 2019 UK concert tour will be early this year, in the merry month of May.


Of special interest will be workshops at the Swaledale Squeeze May 17-19,

where I will be teaching Anglo concertina alongside:

  • Simon Thoumire (Edinburgh) on English
  • Tim Laycock (Dorset) on Duet

Joined by a dedicated band of regular tutors:

Alex Wade (English), Harry Scurfield (Anglo),

Paul Walker (English/Anglo), Carolyn Wade (Band) and Dave Ball (Band/English).


Here is my whole schedule.


May 11         The Wolf Cabaret
                       Wolverton, Norfolk

May 12,        The Bulls Head Folk Club
                      Warrington, Cheshire

May 17-19    Swaledale Squeeze

May 21         Ringwood Folk Club
                      Burley, Hampshire

May 24-27    Chippenham Festival

June 1-3,      Fire In the Mountain Festival
                      Aberystwyth, Wales


I hope to see many of you at my concerts and workshops this year.  Keep squeezing!



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Does anyone here live in South Wales? I'm looking for hospitality, a bed for the night on Wed. May 29th after singing a floor spot at The Llantrisant Folk Club http://folk.wales/updates/folk-club-wots-occurring/ 8.30pm at Pontyclun Institute Athletic Club, Castan Road, Pontyclun CF72 9EH 


I've never been to Llantrisant before, anyone here know of this club?

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Does anyone know why the SWALEDALE SQUEEZE  Yorkshire link above is not working?


I have an interest because I haven't received a reply or acknowledgement from the organiser Steven Bradley after making an initial £25 deposit for the event.   I hope all is well???

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3 hours ago, John Wild said:

I just looked at their website and copied this link.  It worked for me. I have copied and pasted a link below.




Thanks John but my concern is because last weekend I signed up to advertised weekend in May and have transferred a £25 deposit but so far haven't received any sort of acknowledgement,   I hasten to add I have also sent two emails direct to Steven. 

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I went last year, and sending a deposit in sterling from the US was problematic for me. Once I got ahold of Steven he told me just bring the money to Yorkshire. He put down my reservation (I stayed in one of the camping huts - nice enough). I paid up as we were standing right next to the tapped keg, how fitting. It (Swaledale) is a bit informal, but I expect they'll sort it out for you. I got to know Harry Scurfield while there and enjoying talking with him. My wife and I loved the countryside - lovely area.


Very different atmosphere from a US gathering like the Squeeze-In. In the US most players are isolated all year and starved for fellow concertinists, hence the uncontrolled playing about 22 hours/day at NESI. At Swaledale everyone told me about the lessons and groups they were in at home (you are lucky over there) and quietly, calmly waited for each class to begin. But I bet Jody will stir up all those reserved concertinists!



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