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Lachenal rosewood new model for sale.


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I have a lachenal new model for sale.It is in great condition,has original 5 fold bellows, solid rosewood ends and was restored by Andy Norman about 10 years ago.

It is exceptionally airtight, responsive and alive with a great tone and big volume.

I am only selling it to fund a tenor treble.

I would like £1900 o.v.n.o . and am down in Devon.



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A very nice   concertina, was in my possession for a year  until   Scoopet  got lonely  for it ... so it went back  to Devon.


I  did  fine tune it,  whilst  I owned it,  and used it as my spare.  It never got used in anger  during band gigs  but  proved very nice  in ensemble  and session playing.


I'd like it back!

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