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Concertina tuning in Seattle/Portland - PNW

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I’m looking for a professional concertina tuner in the PNW area. Searching online I found http://www.bellandreed.com/content/accordions/accordions.php in Seattle but not much else. Any recommendations or ideas? I would consider other areas in the western USA, but I’d prefer not to ship too far. 




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Michael Arraide has an accordion shop in Kent (south of Seattle) that Bertram Levy goes to for tuning his concertinas and bandoneons. Bertram speaks highly of him and has recommended him to me multiple times.  A few years ago I sent Randal Bays there to have his son's concertina tuned and Randal reported he was pleased with result.  I've never met Michael but feel comfortable recommending him based on Bertram’s strong endorsement.




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I'm not sure if Bell and Reed is still under the same proprietorship as it was eight years ago--but I had Eli do some work on my Tedrow Anglo back in the day and was very satisfied with his work, and he's a nice fellow, to boot. :) It might be worth getting in touch to see if he does tuning (I worked with him on some valve and spring replacement).

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