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John Adey

Swedish fiddle tunes

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I heard a superb fiddle player called Rowan Luis Piggott at the Baring-Gould festival in Okehampton last October. Amongst other things he played a few Swedish tunes (a love of mine) and mentioned that he had produced a book of tunes. I bought it, via his website at:




I'm finding it an excellent source and thought other lovers of 'Scandi' stuff would be interested. It contains over 80 tunes, mostly with well written harmony lines as well as guitar chord symbols, plus lots of background information about many of the composers and a sketch map of Sweden with the various regions shown. If you are looking for more Swedish stuff I recommend it.


Apart from hearing him play on the one occasion I have no connection with Rowan.


Oops, sorry. He looks to have sold out, but hopefully that's reason to re-print, There's a sample page on his website.

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