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Call and response

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Here’s an example from one of my old videos. I’m playing a concertina app on an iPhone for yuks, but it could just as well be a Hayden Duet. The upbeat to the 4th measure and the downbeat of the 4th measure are a high g and a d a 4th lower.  Immediately after, I imitate it with an echo in the left hand a 3rd lower (e and B). Same thing on the repeat.


Is that what you’re looking for?

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Yes David, that is along the lines of what I think I am looking for. 


I see it mentioned in some peoples conversations about their playing and I 'thought' I understood what they were getting at, but wasn't entirely sure. .  I start off by finding the melody (by ear ) on the right hand, then - to some extent - forced ( or am forcing myself ) to work more with the left hand to play partial chords and octave notes ( even the right one/s occasionally !) with the melody.


I am getting there, but it is a bit too "full" sometimes.  I am better at copying then adapting to suit than trying to understand some of the theory, so many thanks.

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Here’s another take on “call and response.” Anahata and Mary Humphries playing “A Northern Lass.” Listen to the first 16 notes, and notice that it is two groups of 8 notes with the same rhythm, but the first phrase moves up and the 2nd phrase comes back down. Call and response, built right into the notes of the tune (as opposed to the accompaniment responding to the tune in my previous example).

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