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Maccann (McCann) Identity

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This rather forlorn Maccann was found in a cupboard of a deceased estate. It was brought to me so I could give it an assessment. It has nothing to identify the maker; no labels and nothing on the inside except for "Right Treble" and "Left" written in pencil on the reed pans. There are no numbers or other marks at all. I have taken it apart once but I am reluctant to do so again un-neccessarily as parts are unglued and buttons are damaged and come loose. It was a bugger of a job to get it back together again. If it was mine it would be a different matter.

The reeds are in good condition with no rust although terribly out of tune. The reed pans are unwarped. Most of the pads are shot and would need replacing. Same with most of the valves. It does have a riveted lever action.

Some of the buttons have lost their bottom pegs and don't sit correctly. They have also lost most of their felt bushings. As for the bellows; they have more leaks than a Welsh market garden, have been patched many times and would need to be replaced. As you can see the veneer on the faces shows damage.

I would like to know if anyone on the forum could identify the maker.

The fate of this old girl is undecided at the moment. The widow of the owner thinks she might like to send it to her brother-in-law in New Zealand where it would likely be put away in another cupboard for the rest of its life or, I may make an offer to buy it from her and go about a slow restoration. 





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I agree Geoff. But it mystifies me that there is absolutely nothing inside to identify it. I have now taken possession of this instrument (or, is it about to possess me ) and will start some restoration of it. I will keep this post updated if anything comes to light.


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I  have found  serial numbers  on Wheatstones  in unlikely places. When you take it apart  next time  look  at the  inside edges of the end frames, where the top and pallet boards  sandwich together... a place where nobody would see it but a repairer.  Serial numbers  are often  stamped  into the wood  of  these frame areas   but more usually  on the inside faces  of the  Reed Pans.


Good luck with  this beast,



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