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Wanted: Beta Testers for Concertina App (Windows 10)

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My beloved gave me a Windows 10 tablet for Christmas, which I took as reason to refresh my UI programming skills (I'm a systems level developer, and I HATE developing UIs).


What I have so far is an App similar to Eskin's concertina app, but it runs on WIndows 10 (theoretically scalabe from mobiles to everything else that supports touch screens), displays both hands of a 45 button Crane and plays the sound(s) when the corresponding button(s) is/are touched. The "final" version will offer the opportunity to design your own keyboard layout as XML files (unfortunately this will be limited to unisonoric instruments). The idea is to have a simulator that lets you try out unfamiliar layouts or do some practice on your familiar layout. And no, there won't be fancy graphics, just grey-on-black button shapes (if anyone is willing to make something bigger out of it, I might be willing to share the source at some point).


Before rolling out the thing, I'd like to have a few of you look over what I have so far in terms of compatibility, usability, general feedback and so on. Aside from owning a Windows 10 device, you should have some at least some rudimentary knowledge of computing (you'll probably need to install a certificate in order to install the package and stuff like that).


This is intended to be a non profit crowd development thing (I'd request users to share their custom keyboard layouts). I also don't want to spend an infinite amount of time on it (I'd rather practice on a real concertina than a virtual one), so once the feature set I envision is implemented, that would be the end of at least my work on it.


Please drop me a PM if you're interested.



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Actually, I was somewhat surprised that the response to this post was zero (except for one individual who probably misunderstood what I was trying to do).


Coming to think of it, it's probably because a) Windows doesn't have a huge share in the touch device market and b) most people would rather play real concertinas than virtual ones (I can certainly relate to that).


Nevertheless, I passed the time waiting for Holden #3 with finishing the app. It's fully functional now and I use it on a daily basis (for me, it's very useful to remember finger positions of tunes when playing a real concertina is not an option due to volume reasons). I implemented (surprise, surprise) a 45 button Crane, but everybody can write his/or her own (unisonoric; I wouldn't have any idea how to simulate bellows direction change) keyboard layout via an xml file. So EC, Piano, Piano Accordeon, Hayden, McCann and any experimental layout can be rendered by anyone who doesn't mind playing with xml files in a text editor. 


Since the only devices I had a chance to test my app on were my own two Windows tablets, I don't have any field experience on how the app installs and runs on other devices. I can basically provide it "as is." All I know for sure is that Windows offers a bazillon ways for things to go wrong. It seems as if even on the same device, the same image may at times install no problem and at other times fail (even on the same day with no system updates in between). However, once it is installed, it generally runs very stable and reliable.


I have prepared a little video that demonstrates by means of screen shots what the app does and how it does it (you may need to set your youtube to high resolution. Windows is not the only piece of software to do funny unpredictable things).


If you have a Windows touch device and are interested in using the app, please drop me a note.




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I'd be happy to give it a try on my Surface Pro 3. You may contact me at sriverpkwy AT yahoo....

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