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Nadiejda - 2ManyButtons

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Jim Besser and I have been playing together now for close to a decade finding ways to blend his amazing talent on the Anglo with me on the EC. We recently regrouped back into playing as a duo with our new endeavor, 2ManyButtons. Jim is playing a Morse ESB baritone C/G Anglo. I  am playing a 1937 Wheatstone 4 octave. 

This is from a recent rehearsal and I excuse any misdirected notes....to many fingers on too many buttons.
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Jim & Randy:

In addition to your playing having a very clear sense of the proper "feel" (or maybe emotion?) to the melody, a nice sense of mood, it was almost perfectly danceable. That was a fine, melancholy waltz, if ever i heard one. More, more, please.

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