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24 key C/G Anglo Lachenal/ Wallis date ?

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hello folks,

i have recently purchased a a 24 key c g Anglo , it has rosewood ends , it looks like this instrument was manufactured with 24 keys from the get go.

i haven’t seen another like this . It does require a good service , buts seems quite sound .

serial number inside of ends and bellows says 29512 , Also has the J. Wallis , London label on the other end .

can any one help with a date / information  ?

thanks in advance 



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Hello all , you are correct we have a C# D# , on the right hand side + another C#/ b  where the C/b would normally live.

the left hand side is not yet identified, the reeds are not sounding and I can’t see a note “stamp” , investigation ongoing!

thanks for your input 


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I have two, both mahogany ended with brass reeds. 18273 has two Gsharp/Bb keys on the LHS and two Csharp/Eb keys on the RHS. The other, 167878, has Gsharp/Bb and A/G reversed on the LHS and Csharp/Eb plus A/G reversed on the right. I use them for practicing on at home in a separate room so I do not annoy my wife.

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Your 24-key was made in about 1875. Though yours is labeled as "J Wallis", other Lachenal Anglos of the period were labeled as "Louis Lachenal" or "Lachenal & Co.". The company transitioned from "Louis Lachenal" to "Lachenal & Co" in 1873, and started using "Lachenal & Co" labels on some instruments. But they had left-over  "Louis Lachenal" labels which they continued to use on some instruments. In my data, No 24786 , a 22-key, is the first one labeled "Lachenal & Co"; No 27250 is the last one labeled "Louis Lachenal."

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Hi all. Recently I bought a 26-button Lachenal concertina with C / G tuning, which I'm trying to find out about.
The brand is "Lachenal & Co", in addition it reads "Patent concertina manufacturers London" "Trade mark" "English made" "Steel reeds"
  The number is 178403.
  Some information? Attached photos. Thank you.




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