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Baritone treble aeola

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Chris algar has a baritone treble aeola for sale at the moment on his website......number 29395. This concertina was discussed in a thread in October 2014 as it was for sale on eBay( sorry I can't do a thread link). As far as i know when on eBay it had its original ends.Does anyone know who made the new ends for it?

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I had a look at the listing - this is what Chris says:

"The odd thing about it is that it has a factory made set of flat ends -not raised as you would expect. It was either a special model or it has had the ends replaced at a later date-but they are beautifully made."

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17 minutes ago, scoopet said:

No wolf I don't remember.......but that big a rebuild would have been spotted by Monsieur wooff ....


Well,  I cannot remember  exactly what  the 'ends' situation   was  and Chris A  says  he  recently  traded-in this  instrument... which  leaves  us all to contemplate  IF  the ends are original  or have been  made  elsewhere at a later date.....  Mr. Algar's judgement  would have a lot more experience  backing it than most of us   but somehow  I   doubt I noticed anything strange  about the instrument  when  it was on ebay.

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