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How many concertina songs are there?

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Following on from Jody Kruskal's recent post and rendition of "The Ballad of the Button Box" I was wondering about how many concertina songs there are that we know of.  And when I say "concertina songs" I mean songs that have the concertina as a main part of their theme or story and not just the word "concertina" mentioned in passing.  A list of the ones I know follows, can we add to it?


The Ballad of the Button Box - Bob Snope

The Good Old Concertina - Henry Lawson/Bob Bolton

Lena from Palesteena - Con Conrad/Russel Robinson

Arnold the Armadillo - Les Barker/David Galipo

The Man with the Concertina - Robert Stewart/ Jacko Kevins, Dave de Hugard

I Play My (me) Concertina - David Worton/H C Lovell

Multitasking Daddy - Jody Kruskal

The Flying Concertina - Steve Wilson/ John Bosserman (Happy Hiker March adaptation)


Are there others? Please advise.

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35 minutes ago, John Wild said:

All I want for Christmas is a concertina.


Yep, although I believe the reference in that song is to a Chemnitzer concertina.


Don't forget "Hexagon Zombies".


I have at least one more, involving a different "Lena", if I can find where I put it.


I'll also point to this old thread.



This is not a quote, but the editor has forced this block into my post and I can't find a way to get rid of it.  Grr!


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6 hours ago, maccannic said:

I seem to remember Tim Laycock singing an ironic song called 'The Accordian's the Instrument to Play', which was about how much better the accordian was than the concertina.  He accompanied himself on the concertina of course.

I may be wrong, but I believe that was part of a show he did called the concertina man. 

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