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Duet concertina value?


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12 hours ago, saguaro_squeezer said:

I really like that it weighs precious little compared to my metal ended Crabb.


That will be partly because the Wheatstone has aluminium reed frames. But I'm surprised about the Crabb. Both of the Crabbs I've owned had aluminium reed frames and aluminium ends, and so were really light for their size. What are the ends and reed frames on yours?



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Well, the Crabbs aren’t heavy, it’s just that this Wheatstone is super light by comparison.  Might be because of the model or the year.  But you’re right about aluminum.  My Crabb is a 1908 and has, I think, brass shoes.  The ends are not the duraluminium ones like my former 69, so am not sure.  My big Crabb Maccann has those duralumimium ends and yes, is quite light for its size.

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