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George Jones 20 buttons in G/C, sweet sound

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I am selling my beautiful George Jones 20 buttons in G/C. 
It took me ages to learn 2 tunes that I can't even play properly and concertina is an expensive instrument so I can't “afford” to keep it.

It is a fun instrument but I decide to put all my effort on the melodeon.


- Rosewood end
- Bushed button
- Play well from top to bottom (no reeds are hard to speak)
- Airtight/compression is very good
- Sweet and warm tone
- Steel reeds
- Bottom left button of G row is low A
- soft case included


Please find a video of me playing to have an idea of the sound with smartphone (I didn't try my best 😉

Bought from Chris Algar (Barleycorn) a few month ago for 650 euros, looking for 550 euros (sent from Belgium). He said it is a nice one.





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