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Hi everybody,


I just started playing the concertina a few weeks ago, learning with the book of Gary Coover, and it has been a lot of fun. 

Now I wanted to transcribe a Song into his tablature, and would need a little help. 


That's the song I want to recreate:



And that's what I got:


I created something, which kinda sounds right, but is still far, from what I want to achieve.

Sadly I do not have any musical background, and I'm kinda lost. 

Somebody else plays it like that:


Danke im vorraus.

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Does the Musescore version played in Musescore on your computer sound right to you?


If so, then you could set Musescore (the version you install on a PC, not the web player) to loop the first measure at slow speed and try playing along with it.  Once you have sync'd your playing with Musescore it will be obvious if what you are playing is right or wrong.  If it is wrong then you need to figure out what needs to be corrected.  Then repeat this process measure by measure all the way through the tune.


You can get Musescore to play the melody only as a solo which might help you to hear what is going on in the melody.


If you want Musescore to play a concertina rather than piano then the bottom of my posts has a link to a dropbox folder that contains a copy of Phil Taylor's concertina sound font.  This works  nicely (apart from the very high notes) in Musescore.




Another thing that you could do would be to get Musescore to transpose the tune from F to C which would be a bit easier to play on a C/G Anglo.  You would have to redo the tabs by hand.

Edited by Don Taylor
Suggested transposing to C

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