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Source for ITM: "The Session"


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Lot of caveat on this topic.

Not wanting to add more fuel to the fire that surrounds TheSession, but have been warned off of it, due, I was informed to the nasty politics and abuse of members by the site owner.


IOW great for finding sessions but a dead end for discussion, and, apparently, tunes as well.


Must say after I got the nod about it I began using the other site,




for anything whatsoever in ABC. So I now get my Morris and Celtic material there.


Would echo the remark about accuracy above, how do we know the setting published is correct?


Still learning by listening and using scores where my ear is not getting the correct notes seems a good all around solution.



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1 hour ago, Notemaker said:

was informed to the nasty politics and abuse

I have read some strong arguments and forthright opinions on The Session but nothing that makes me want to avoid it. 


I have read that some folks avoid this forum because of some sort of perceived unpleasantness, but I have never noticed a problem.


The Mudcat Cafe can get a bit ’shouty’ at times, but I still go there too.


None of these forums are actually armed with guns...

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4 hours ago, Notemaker said:

...the nasty politics and abuse of members by the site owner...

I've certainly used the site, and have observed some nastiness in the comments threads associated

with various tunes, but a) I wasn't aware that any of it emanated from the site admin; b) in any case,

the instances I have seen are largely 'historical'. I don't the site much (hardly at all, in fact) because it

is very definitely oriented towards ITM - which doesn't really 'float my boat'.


2 hours ago, Don Taylor said:

...The Mudcat Cafe can get a bit ’shouty’ at times, but I still go there too...

Yeah. I actually find Mudcat more useful - often for 'information' as opposed to actual music - I've tracked

down more than one useful musical reference/fact(oid) by trawling through the threads on Mudcat. This is

an 'empirical' result, but it works for me...

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  I was informed to the nasty politics and abuse of members by the site owner.


I don't know what you mean by 'nasty politics', never seen any of it. As to Jeremy, the site owner, he can shoot from the hip maintaining order on the site and sometimes I would question his reasons for deleting (parts of) posts and his overall decisions but 'abuse' would be a gross overstatement. Moderating a site like that is not an easy job and whatever the decisions, he's the site owner so its his prerogative to do as he sees fit. The site is what it is but if you look at the internet in general, I don't think interactions are, on average,  in any way vicious or unpleasant, although they can be robust at times.


The quality of tune settings will vary, as it would in a crowd sourced situation and it would be a good idea not to view the notations  as by definition authoritative  but on the other hand I wouldn't automatically dismiss the whole site and its content either.  Like anything online, you weigh contributions on their own merit and after a while you learn which posters  you can trust to make sound contributions to the tune database.

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The hot tar hit the fan as soon as I mention 'the' bad website.




Detour ahead, it is called Facebook, which has pretty much obliterated the need for such things.




Been on it since the 1990s. Knew some famous writers there, Catspaw was one. Lately only read it, my favorite author Steve Shaw, also a Harp player. He is a School Teacher, and it shows in his writing. Super funny man, excellent debater and a refreshing contrast to some of the more serious stuff.


Have a great rest of the Holidays, and a splendid New Year.


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