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Do many players play more than one system?

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John, of course I would - with the EC I have prominently found „my“ instrument (along with the - grand, if available - piano);  besides, it‘s an „it“ and not a „she“ as far as I‘m concerned, and there‘s still room for the Anglo and the Duet as well as PA and melodeon, and recorder, whistle, guitar asf.).


And if you will, with the 20b Anglo I can act out my rumbustuous aspects (albeit not entirely lacking elegance thereby I should claim).


What I strongly oppose is the notion that the EC has to sound „anaemic“ asf.; obviously it can be played that way, but there‘s counterevidence all around. And yes, the EC is a terrific melody-instrument, but it‘s in no way melody-only. As I can tell it‘s difficult to „let the melody shine“ through the accompaniment, I‘m on my way insofar I guess; but it can be done bringing out the EC‘s unique tone...


Best wishes - ?

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On 12/11/2018 at 10:21 AM, Rich C R said:

I suppose its a little like 'the grass is greener'.   I play the EC but keep thinking about possibly taking up another system either Anglo or Duet - my head says its not a good idea, as it will detract perfecting the EC.   But nonetheless my mind still keeps wondering.    I'd be interested to hear from others who have taken the step out into more than one system, was it a good move or not?


Speaking to the original topic: my late friend and bandmate (and early c.net contributor) Michael Reid was an outstanding English concertina player when I met him, and he played that in our band . Along the way, he began to refocus on Irish trad and decided to learn Anglo.  When he moved to Colorado (and out of our band) he made the switch and become a highly competent Anglo player in the Irish style.  It was the absence of the classic concertina sound in our band that spurred me to get serious about playing concertina.

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